Ybor City

I was at Scorpions concert in Tampa, Fl. I took off all day and came to Tampa in the morning to see the city before concert. Ybor City - part of the Tampa near to the port. Old architecture, food, people, hand rolling cigars, roosters on a streets, and colors of the buildings. Ones again I felt like I am in another country, but its only two and a half hours drive from my Naples. I found a beautiful mosaic walls and it was perfect for me to take picture of my new dress from Kim and Proper. While photo shooting I noticed that many people going into and from this building. Many guys and girls in Tuxedos also entering this building. Turned out it is very old "Columbia Restaurant". I must have lunch at this place and I had have amazing dining experience.

If comparing this two pictures I would like to speak about casual style. It’s always simple tailoring, with minimum details, from natural fabrics. In casual style usually dominated such colors as: black, white, grey, all shades of beige, and brown.

At the above picture I played with accessories. Golden heels and golden jewelry - here I’m ready to go to special event! At the picture below where I am sitting on front of the house I wore Chelsea boots and my outfit turned to a comfortable city style!

Here I experimented with the idea of City Boho Style outfit and created one of the possible look with my new bronze pair. For this Fall I choose a bronze cuties from EMU Australia and I called them Fine Desert Boots. Also they are so versatile, that I can easily made a base wardrobe look, I will show you later.

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