Trip to New Orleans in July

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

I was so lucky to visit New Orleans in July. Locals call there city simply Nola.

When I researched about what to do in New Orleans, my first must go place was Oak Alley Plantation. Close to the city of New Orleans is locating a mansion with live oaks forming huge tunnel.

look how beautifully everything made around. I am sitting and waiting for guided tour of property.

View from the balcony. I imagine how would they wake up in the morning and going outside to catch the breeze. Fun fact that oak trees were planted this way so breeze was going from the Mississippi river into the house.

I sat at a Business District and I planned where to go next and what to see in Nola. At the same time this city nicknamed as a “Big Easy”. It’s because spirit of happiness and celebration of Mardi Gras is blending with spicy Cajun cuisine and music.

I am obsessed with Nola's architecture!

Cheers to Nola!

While I’m traveling I want to feel a new city. That is why instead of taking taxi or Uber, I usually choose public transportation. New Orleans trolley called a City Car. For just $1.25 one way I saw and feel more city than by tour bus. Houses, people, smell - all goes into my memory about New Orleans.

New Orleans it is all about Jazz. No wonder I am in a birthplace of the Jazz. Every cafe or restaurant, even on the streets I saw life music.

Somewhere lost in cozy back streets in Nola... I was in other state next to the Florida, but I felt like I was in other country.

Those cast iron balcony I found everywhere in the city decorated with flowers and ferns. I would like to note it is main characteristic of Nola.

Walked in French quartal and turned into back street. Voila, I found a cozy place for pictures.

Lots of walk means lots pictures with doors to be taken.

Ordinary menu almost every place must have in Nola.

Second place from my bucket list while visiting Nola is Botanical Garden.

Next to the Botanical garden is Sculpting museum just under the air.

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