Winter vacation right after a New Year I went to Mexico. No planning ahead of time, just spontaneously booked flight and hotel for short trip to Mexico City.

I always like to plan my trips and attractions to visit ahead, that's why one day before trip I spent for getting info together in details where to go. Most important attraction in my bucket list was Teotihuacan Pyramids. No one knows yet who built the biggest pyramids in western hemisphere and the third biggest ones in whole entire world! This fact intrigue me to see them in person.

Besides I like to have an opportunity to see other culture and explore a new things.

Tip from Me! Have some small cash money, because everywhere where you go many people offer you some drinks, snacks, and souvenirs you may want to buy. Also, on a way to pyramids in the bus was a life singer-performer who definitely brought local calorite to my trip. I was grateful to him.

As you remember from my previous trips I like to explore a new countries by my own. I prefer to use local public transportation to get feel at the place the mostest.

Some prices for your information: 1 Dollar = 19 Peso. Subway (Metro) - 5 Pesos. It's official that Mexican subway is the cheapest in the World! Taxi from Airport to the City Center - 280 Pesos.

In front of first entrance to the Pyramids Park (they were 3 Pyramids and 3 entrances) I found Cactus Paradise. I have to stop their to take some photos.

My bracelets from Illissio.

They are three colors: gold, rose gold and silver. It’s a very convenient to mix them with jewelry of any color easily. That's why I choose them for my trip.

That's all for now.

Check my next post about Mexico City.

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