Stay positive while at home

Lately everyone covered with negative news and problems, but I would like to continue my feed with positive, beauty, smiles. Please forget about problems in a minute and stay positive, care about each other, and be thankful what you got.

Just before Covid-19 hits USA, I've had project with Saint and Sofia. I did lots of photo shootings and now, when I have plenty of time, I do my blog to show you all the beauty of their styles.

Link to Yellow Festival Tee Mango you can find here.

Click here for Black Apartment Jacket.

You can find Shoreditch Culotte here.

As we are here to support each other let me share with you my friends how to spend a free time while at home:

1. Do sport. Now you have at least 20 min to exercise or do yoga.

2. Now is perfect time to learn second language, or study online what you always want to learn but didn’t have a time. I’m studying Interior Design right now.

3. Go through your closet and sort it. All extra clothes what you don’t want anymore donate to charity or photograph, and sell.

4. Cook at home instead of ordering food. It’s cheaper. YouTube or Instagram have a lot of great food channels.

As we reach into unknown... stay kind, love each other, and be hopeful.

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