San Francisco for 3 days (part 5 and the last one from my Cali vacation)

For the end of our California vacation we visited San Francisco and close located big and little towns on Pacific Ocean.

San Francisco hilly city!

Lombard street at Russian Hill. Most curved street in San Francisco. One way driving road, so all the cars line up on top of the hill to go down on Lombard street.

We decided to walk the street instead of driving to take some pictures. This street is famous with gorgeous flowers arrangement and cute houses.

One of the thing Wow’s me in California - it’s flowers everywhere on a streets and on front of every house. Cold weather (compare with my Florida weather) doesn’t bother them and blossoms are so beautiful, and aromas made me happy! Flowerbeds are designed perfectly with great taste: combination of succulents, roses, hydrangeas is what I’m talking about!

Golden Gate Bridge - famous red bridge. While in San Francisco I must have picture or two with it!

On my mind, most stunning pictures of the bridge you can take from Golden Gate Promenade at Presidio place. Close to it you will find a beautiful Crissy Field.

Next we moved to explore downtown. Hi Five! This building reminds me palm of hand!

Suddenly we found Asian exhibition right at central plaza. Very interesting to explore it and take more pictures.

My outfit majestically corresponded with these colors.

Fisherman's Wharf of San Francisco was on our plan to have dinner. While getting ready for vacation our friends recommended to eat dungeon crab here. One and half pounded whole crab offered here at every restaurant.

Alamo Square was next attraction to see. Not very big hill with most visited little cute houses called Painted Ladies.

Here is the famous dollhouses Painted Ladies.

In fact Alamo Square is a park where you can play Frisbee, walk your dog, or just enjoy a lunch by sitting on a lawn.

Secret attraction of SF which no bodies knows is Lover's Lane. Unusual trail with zigzag logs at Presidio place also. To find it just look for Liggett Avenue with red brick houses and just behind them little park with this amazing concept. By the way, you can park your car for free for a while.

Japanese Tea Garden is a peaceful and gorgeous piece of Japan. Red roofs of Pagodas, well maintained landscaping with zen gardens, ponds, and roundish bridges you will find here.

Second secrete attraction is the Mosaic Steps at 16th Avenue, SF, CA 94122.

All the way besides the steps for about 100 yards up are very nice flowerbeds with succulents. Grown by owners of this neighborhood with pride and joy.

Golden Gate Park is even bigger than famous Central Park in NY City. For three days in SF doesn't matter where you go, GG Park will be on your way to go through it to your next destination. It's so big and kind of on a way of city roads, so you will cross the Park anyway.

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