NYC bucket list

Despite many visits to NYC, I wanted this trip to be memorable and worthy every single moment. Here are some places from my bucket list.

Always dreamed of having dinner at the restaurant under the Brooklyn bridge. At this time in NYC my dream came true, I enjoyed very romantic dinner with a great view!

I couldn't resist to make selfies on front of iconic bridge.

The best thing that can happen with you in NYC is the hotel with the city view. This time I stayed in Manhattan.

My outfit to explore New York. Day two. Accessories makes difference!

Bag from Melie Bianco

Vessel, Hudson Yards. Another one from my bucket list. New attraction and must visit when in NYC! Better to book tickets few days before. They are free but entrance is at scheduled time.

Find me! (Hint: I am in a blue suit)

There you go!

Vessel from outside.

Vessel from inside.

Blending into NYC urbanization

While I was freezing and blown by strong winds from Hudson river, folks from next building enjoyed sauna and rooftop pool.

With a dusk I was ready to enjoy next thing from my wish list - Roosevelt Island Tramway. For $2.75 — the price of a subway ticket — the aerial tram took me 250 feet above the city. I decided to do this hidden gem attraction at night time to see all the city lights.

NYC from the bird view

My son Matthew found his bucket list attraction - skating at Rockefeller plaza in NYC.

Modeling vs. Reality. I am very sensitive to cold weather. You can see it on my next picture. To do the this one I have to go beyond my fear to low temperatures and take off my teddy coat. It was very cold and windy, but I did it anyway for the great picture.

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