New York City in Spring

Updated: May 10, 2018

Short trip to NYC. Was not enough time to see it, but still have time to fell in love with this City.

First place to visit in NY from my bucket list was Brooklyn Bridge.

I've got a new set of wings.

Brooklyn bridge was my number 1 place to visit in NYC. Folks do you know how difficult to take a clean picture without people on a bridge? Seems like everyone in a world must come here next to me while doing photos... uhh.

I booked a ticket to NY especially for the end of April to be in a romantic Spring time when all city dressed in flowers and a new leaves woke. But! Weather gave me surprise - cold, misty rain, even was snowing.

Now I can say for sure that I really like New Yorkers! They dropped everything what they did and helped me “how to get there..”, answered my questions. Just when somebody saw I was puzzled with something they offered help immediately. New Yorkers! You are amazing!

Central Park was in my visit list under number 2.

What I obsessed in a Central Park the most - everyone is running, jogging, walking.

Downtown of Manhattan. Where is all life is before and after dusk.

My must visit place in NYC number 3 was The Statue of Liberty from water.

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