New England - Two Days in Boston

I left New York City (please see previous post), and rented car to explore New England. My next destination was Boston, Ma.

First day in Boston I was looking into this cutty. Mama duck with little ducklings at the Comom Park right in the middle of Boston. From this park starts many trails where I planned to visit.

My stay in full of history city I started with following “Freedom Trail”. Simply found red brick line on a road at Common Park (that is how locals call city central park) and walk on it. App for phone was guided me with cool stories about history of Boston. Million museums, monuments, and restaurants on this trail.

The first attraction at downtown what wows me! First ever Starbucks was at this corner in downtown Boston. Steam still shows at this teapot for many years.

Blending old and new architecture - historical buildings with modern ones. I just love it!

Quick stop at McDonalds for French Fries.

Columbus Park was on Freedom Trail. It was also in my bucket list to take picture there.

Weather was just perfect so I was really enjoying my stay in Boston.

Bostonians love to use red brick in their houses.

Everywhere I found planters with flowers. Here is the one of them.

One of the must visit place is The Original Oyster House.

Waiting for my lunch at cosy little restaurant right on Freedom Trail. All windows were open to get fresh air of summer in July.

Pattina on this house from end of 1800. Copper was used in this design.

A bridge to connect parts of the city became must see attraction in Boston. Was builded not so long ago but became a symbol for Boston.

View from this bridge on marina.

Love the plants take over the red brick. I would like to have the same at my backyard.

Second day I spent in Beacon Hill where I took many pictures of very old red brick houses with cute front little gardens.

Little streets like this I found everywhere in Beacon district. Just next to the central park.

I used most comfortable clothes and shoes what I have to walk and enjoy.

Simply enjoying all the streets and corners, so many places can be used for pictures.

Here leaves Patriot.

Hydrangea is my favorite flowers in Boston. In Florida is too hot to grow this beautiful bushes.

Look at this interesting tree leafs.

Curved glass is very rare to see in old buildings.

Back to downtown where old and new history of Boston is blended in one.

Oh, Hydrangea! I can't pass you without take picture.

Well maintained houses looks very sharp.

I finished my amazing day in Boston back at Common Park where was hundreds of very friendly squirrels allow me to come close and feed them.

Hi lil buddy, I got acorn for you!

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