My Lovely Birthday Trip to Miami

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

For Valentines Day and my Birthday I went to Miami on Andrea Bocelli concert and had the Best Colorful Adventure in my favorite Wynwood district. Also I wanted so bad to visit Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science and see their aquarium.

Beautiful Wynwood Walls Art District is must visited place in Miami.

My son Matthew was adopted by albino gorilla ;)

For an year of my absence in a Wynwood happens a lot of changes. While in searching for a good place to eat we turned into a random place and OMG! we found an amazing cafe. It looks like great Salvadore Dali painted this walls.

Here I am at Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science which I wanted to visit because of the advertized huge aquarium.

Truly said I thought that it will be a huge tonnel attached to the open ocean and we can watch ocean inhabitants coming here. But it was just a huge aquarium with incredible windows.

Rooftop at Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science.

I have to stop what I was doing and take a few pictures for Valentines and my Birthday.

Designer's dress fits perfectly, needs my hair done and I'm ready.

Can you guess where am I right now? Can you see Fiat 500? Italy 1960's or Seven Magic Mountains near Las Vegas?

Artist Ugo Rondinone Brings a Rainbow-Hued Mountain to Miami Beach.

Nevada limestone boulders have come to Florida.

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