My Californication (part 1. LA and around)

I started my first day in Los Angeles by visiting the Ocean. Santa Monica pier with it's ferries wheel. It was my top of the list what to see in LA. BTW, its the only solar powered ferries wheel in the entire world which works on solar power.

“Hello. I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump. People call me Forest Gump.” Had so much fun at this restaurant yesterday.

Now my sitting in casual way. He he.

IMHO the most iconic shot I did in LA!

Right in Beverly Hills located park and mansion Greystone Mansion. Really stunning place to enjoy nature.

Park grounds are usually open to the public daily, and free to enter.

Close to Beverly Hills I found very unusual and absolutely not touristic Lake Shrine. Free admission and very beautiful setting. In compact and beautifully maintained park around a lake you can find all religions together.

To be in LA and didn’t get picture with a Hollywood Sign it’s a crime! Iconic place and must see for everyone.

I started from getting to Griffin's Observatory and took picture. But wasn't satisfied with result, Hollywood sign to far.

Than I found another little road to get closer.

... and little more close...

And, when we go back to the parked car, one man offered to bring us very close to the sign for $50. I rejected this offer with idea to find this way by myself.

We did it. We entered into neighborhood from opposite side and found a road in the town to get up to the mountain. So I was very close pretty much like I want it.

Afternoon we decided to grab a lunch at Universal Studios City Walk. We didn't planned to visit Universal parks because we have them in Florida even bigger.

Waiting for my burger no bun.

I imagined Walk of Fame in Hollywood differently. We stay at hotel next to this Hollywood Boulevard, that is why my out and in to the hotel was with this spot.

Time to get to the beaches. I wanted to take photo of myself under sign Venice Beach. Just a half an hour from LA to the south from Santa Monica. Full of fortune tellers, palm readers, painters, magicians, and acrobats, mimes, jugglers, and you can buy everything what is possible.

Next day we explored downtown of LA. Parked car next to the Grand Central Marked to eat like locals.

Perfect cappuccino just I like with macadamia and almond milk and honey.

View from the market to the downtown.

Spent rest of the afternoon at Little Tokyo district.

I realized that for hot weather the best outfit is from natural materials, for example linen. Love feel of it on my skin and comfortable unbelievable!

Manhattan Beach is a place usually highlighted in a movies about casual American beach life.

On a way from Manhattan Beach to the Long Beach you must stop at least for 30 minutes at Palos Verdes Peninsula. Step on a edge of the cliff and breath freedom of Pacific Ocean.

At Long Beach Museum of Art.

Long beach offer 3 hour trips to see dolphins, sea lions, and whales.

We passed a huge port for cruise ships, US Navy and Cargo.

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