How I spent June wearing my new watch from Kronaby.

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Allow me guys to share my story with you how I spent first Summer month. Follow me!

On front of me a map of Southwest Florida. Where am I heading to? What do you think?

I researched a smartwatch to have. Some brands offer too much destruction for my everyday life: constantly calls, notifications, social media, ticker... With smartwatch from Kronaby I get notification what is an important for me. I will never miss a call or text from my family or preferred people, so I can be Connected, Not Distracted by other calls during my future vacation.

First destination - I went for musical “Ages of Rock” in Fort Lauderdale. Show is about how rock began and all the hits by famous classical rock bands. I have had some time before a show and I stopped at marina club for a cocktail. I received so many compliments about my posh style. And it's not surprise I wore my watch from Kronaby.

Without looking constantly at the screen, I gain more time to spend with my family and friends. Free time means more enjoyable moments in my life!

I am fortunate to live at present time because I am surrounded by all those technology gadgets. They help me to do things everyday and now I am addicted to mini smart devices. But problem is they take my life attention. Thanks to smartwatch from Kronaby I am connected, not distracted. Just now, while swimming at my pool, I pushed button and I listen my favorite music. Also, I click the button and I took a picture. Using app in my phone I assign functions on my watch buttons to do certain thing.

My watch is water resistant so I can swim wearing it and even dive 100 meters. It's really convenient for my sport lifestyle.

Friends invited me for weekend to yahting. I wore my nordic minimalistic watch from Kronaby to complement my look.

I attended a cocktail party before Cheney Brothers food show in Fort Lauderdale and this outfit was most suitable for this occasion. Of course I was wearing my new watch from Kronaby - minimalistic design yet super elegant and perfect for my personality. And you know what? I was nominated as Best Dressed Woman at the Party!

My watch is so advanced! I never have to worry about changing a battery. Its helps me to free my time and money for more important things in my life.

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