Empire State of mind.

My vacation along New England states I started from NY City. I accomplished my dream to climb on Top of The Rock! It was my top of my bucket list.

What's cool in NY is that you wanna do what you wanna do and no one will bother you or stare at you.

Combination of pattern or perspective of this shot! What catch your attention?

Building "Top of the Rock" looks like this from street view. On top of this building I saw all NYC.

Thanks to Miss Me for my outfit. Because of it I was a Star on Top of The Rock!

Two quarters and you will see more details.

I getting ready to do Stories for instagram. Selecting music and holding my phone between glass wall for unbelievable effect. Nice hat BTW!

Empire state building, WTC, and "Lady" standing on the Liberty island you can see here.

While on Top of The Rock I felt like I am higher than Empire Building. Wearing perfectly fit shorts from Boyish

69th Floor where I am right now and 70th where photographer shooting right now.

Who was here knows how impossible to make a picture without folks surrounds you. I have to wait for a special moment to get 1-2 seconds to do this perfect shot. You might get impression that no one was there while I am doing this photos. Right? Actually there was hundreds of visitors wandering around.

View from the corner

Very nice weather was great gift for my trip.

Wherever I go, busy city life surrounding me. City never sleeps and always in fast pace.

Reflections, reflections - can't get enough of this phenomenon.

Buildings are so high that my head is spinning just looking up.

Patterns and building textures! Architects are blowing my mind and surprised me at every corner or every street.

Follow my next story guys.

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