Dreamy journey to Key West, Fl

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

The Southern point in the USA. From this point to Cuba 90 miles. You even can see Cuban shore in good weather condition.

I’m in love with Key West architecture, colors, climate, plants and folks. It’s all different from where I live. Can not get enough of it. Love the Key West vibes!

As a totem to both literature and cats, the Hemingway house amounted to a personal Mecca for me. I always come back to Hemingway Home while on a Key West. 54 famously six-toed cats survive Hurricane Irma without a scratch!

Nothing special... Just Lobster Roll for lunch. It’s a Key West, baby.

Wow factor is everywhere I look.

Going to snorkeling.

Two days before hurricane Irma hit us, governor declared mandatory evacuation. I was enjoying snorkeling at the Keys at that time. Now, after everything is over, I can show you this pics.

Serious and furry under the sun.

Under sail. Reef roamer was awesome.

One of my favorite activities here at Florida Keys.

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