California vacation (part 2. Malibu, Santa Barbara and Solvang)

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Let me to continue my story... We left LA toward Santa Barbara along the most beautiful road SR1.

First place we want to see was Surfrider Beach. Actually beach is divided in two parts: one for swimming and sunbathing, and second one for surfing. Also this place has a beautiful landscapes, so don't forget to take the camera for memory pictures.

In California almost every beach has this kind of construction. What do you think what it is? And for?

I don't want to leave this beauty but I have to go discover more places.

We arrived to the famous Malibu beach! Must have to take this picture under California Republic flag.

Malibu pier.

That day was chilled and windy.

Part of this shore has houses on stilts so close to the water. During high tide bottom part of the houses become part of the ocean. Mel Gibson leaved in a house like this in "Lethal Weapon" movie.

Here we go - Santa Barbara! Totally peaceful place. Here we decided to stay one more day. For beginning we went to the Santa Barbara Harbor.

Stearns Wharf it's an ending of State Street and local sight. Most long and deep-water pier between LA and SF. It was burnt in fire, survived earthquakes and storms, and still standing fine.

Here we were tempt by local delicatessens.

View from the pier.

While we were walking at the pier, that day Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center offered open door for everyone and we visited it. Unfortunately staff allowed to touch and play with sea creatures to kids. I can't handle this event for a long time and have to leave.

State Street from beginning of the Stearns Wharf is the main street with many restaurants, shops, and movie theaters.

Always wowed by the textures.

Influence of Spanish culture seen everywhere and especially shown in architecture.

Suddenly I bumped into this unusual house. It's an apartment building.

Not just in Santa Barbara, but everywhere in California I saw beautiful flower arrangements and so many succulents.

What a surprise! Another unusual house and even more interesting and beautiful!

I must have to do photos.

Citrus Bench.

Third house was standing out of regular houses and located of the main street.

This is entrance ceiling. Would you like to leave in such a house?

This is bench with cats decoration and somebody else in the arch.

I was ready to do pictures at every stairs, entrance, wall, or fence. Can't resist to Spanish architecture and local designers. So much time goes into pictures.

Next day we went to Solvang (Danish Town) and right before our destination we saw Ostrich Farm. How can you drive by and don't stop here?

Solvang met us with Christmas Decorations.

If I don't tell you where am I, can you guess that this town is actually located in California, USA?

City was established by three Danish men and first building they build was bank.

Stay tuned for my next and not the last part of my California Vacation. Coming soon!

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