California National Parks (part 3. Sequoia and Yosemite)

After exploring ocean side cities and surroundings, we headed up to mountains to meet the most famous General Sherman sequoia tree. Sequoia National park was our destination for the first day. We didn't expected that it will be more than one sequoia trees. It is actually Giant Tree Forest in the mountains 6000 feet high! Huge giants are everywhere and smell unbelievably fresh.

Usually planing my vacation I research before where to go and what to see. I want to say that in US is very easy to visit touristic places - you pay $35 for entrance to the park, rangers will give you the map with detailed instructions and even pictures what to see, roads are easy and road signs are everywhere, so you can't miss anything. Just go and enjoy!

In the mountains we saw snow. After Florida it is big surprise.

Enjoy this mountain road full of flowers from succulents. It's just a beginning.

The Tunnel Rock. It's my son Matthew and me. Can you spot him on the top?

Higher and higher to the top.

I was looking at weather in parks and it was mentioned very cold weather with snow still laying. So I was prepared - warm heavy denim and biker leather jacket. We were dying from all this heat (105 F) and I have to change my close to something lighter. All I could found in a trunk was my sons shorts.

So huuuuge! It is hard to tell how huge the tree is, just believe me it is giant.

On front of biggest tree in the World - General Sherman. Look at the left just over the fence two little people compare with the giant.

To see how huge the trees are, compare with those little people like ants.

Happy to meet Gr.Sherman!

One more angle.

... and one more.

The General Sherman is a biggest tree in the World!

Giant forest is beautiful.

Going to second park next day - Yosemite National Park and Forest.

Tops of the mountains with a snow.

It was a middle of June and snow was still there.

All the snow is melting and it creates a waterfalls! Remember 105 F outside?

I wanted to dance there!

Enjoying the view!

The Glacier Point.

Half Dome Mountain.

Thank you for posing for me!

Very beautiful! View from the valley.

Recharging and getting lunch in valley at the Majestic Hotel. After seeing all those mountains, trees, waterfalls, and wildlife was finalizing a beautiful day.

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