Cali '19 vacation (part 4. Monterey area)

We stopped in Monterey for one day before San Francisco. First part of the day we spent by driving SR-1 along the shore line. I prepared a huge must-see list, but because of fogginess we saw only some of it. Clouds were coming into shore from the ocean so in some places we weren't able to get pictures at all.

My dream was to have pictures on blooming California hills. Aromas there are unbelievable!

This part of California's shore is with cliffs and rocks.

Clouds are so low!

Hidden beach. Another great location was Big Sur.

Bixby Creek Bridge. Most tallest concrete bridge in the World and one of the most photographed bridge in California. We wait a line to take a pictures with bridge on background. Besides was very cold and windy that day. Clouds were coming from the Pacific ocean and layered over hills and shores. Foggy weather I would say more usual than unusual at this places. 1-2 seconds of cleared bridge view and everyone jumps to photograph into memories. I wasn't upset because of weather, because this day was really beautiful and romantic.

By the bridge where all tourists are stopping to take pictures lives the squirrel family. They are so friendly and smart! They ask for food by standing on their hind legs.

Afternoon we spent in Monterey city, explored bay, downtown, and have had lunch.

It's Carmel-by-the-Sea. Another very beautiful little city. Very cute streets, houses, and flower arrangements on front yards. I took many pictures of this one for memories to do something like this in my front yard.

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