Blue Vanilla

Naples in Fall. Look at the pictures of Old Naples places with my outfit from London brand Blue Vanilla.

My favorite place - "Old Naples Pub" of 3rd! It's incredible how vyne take over walls and ceiling. When I am by this little cozy restaurant, I am always stop for glass of fresh made lemonade.

Heels and cozy sweater are from Blue Vanilla. I am excited how they match perfectly. Also I can wear them separately and create so many trendy looks.

Never say Never to leopard! As you can see leopard print is everywhere now. Here is some ideas how to tame this wild cat:

• use oversized sweaters; • wear with suede shoes; • mix with a sport (t-shirt, sneakers or hoodie); • mix with calm colors: beige, off white. My skirt is from Blue Vanilla. Do you like how I style it?

By looking at my heels by Blue Vanilla I remember my graduation night at high school when I wore shoes the same style. For me it’s an ideal ones! I am so happy that I found them in Blue Vanilla.

Another great location in Naples - Venetian Village.

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