Black Tie, Masquerade, Classy Chick!

Can you believe it? Just two months left till the most important two nights of the year! I love Christmas and New Year! I will show you my ideas how to be a brilliant for any celebration. You want that, right? I am starting from most stunning dress for me from Marsoni By Colors by ️Colors Dress. When you will put it on, you are going to be a center of any Black Tie event!

Like the shape of this dress. It reminds me a magnificent Mermaid. Also it makes a bodyshape more slim and graceful.

Hand tailored with a million of little details combined with a sweet and glowing embellishments that will surely grab everyone's attention. It is a Royal look!

Just enjoy the artwork.

With a dress was included a beautiful shawl. Matches perfectly with the dress design and ornament and it is so big, so you can wrap yourself in it. I was having fun to create something for you.

About a Masquerade, Carnival? I am ready to blend into crowd.

Playing the symphony with rays at sunset, when rhinestones and beads sparkling like a billions stars.

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