Airboat Rider

One of the must visit attraction in Florida is Airboat Ride at Everglade City. Cute, tiny city located in Southwest Florida on a swamps.

Five or six places offer to ride airboat for visitors. You can purchase tickets right there or online. I never have had any problems to wait of my ride. I want to admit that I visit it once a year for sure.

South Florida swamps are perfect place for a ride. Experienced guys flying on a high speed on a water and trying to find all gators and other wildlife. The boats are equipped with an airplane's engine. They offer you a headphones because of the roaring noise.

By the way, Everglades called a capital of lightnings in the World. That's why a raincoat is always available for you in case of weather condition.

Wildlife and flora is unique, all snowbirds are here for the winter. Alligators, bears, dears, snakes, and panthers can be seen. Also, mangroves are everywhere. So, they are forming very romantic arches and tunnels to ride through.

Other group just passed by, that's how it looks like.

After ride I enjoyed seafood at local restaurant. You can order all Everglade favorites: alligator, frog legs, oysters, stone crab claw, and many more. Most of the food is fried.

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